Kerri Morabito
Product Designer

Recent Work

Recent Work

Below is a snippet of some of my recent work. All of these projects have been recently released as an MVP, either in beta or live.


Imgur Feed

A new way of browsing Imgur. Users can follow tags and other users to curate their feed, creating a more personalize Imgur experience. I have been a part of this project from conception and very proud it see it launched in the iOS app!


Imgur Snacks

Snacks is Imgur's lean back experience that focuses on auto playing GIFs. I was involved in creating the MVP version of snacks, which is now live on iOS.  


Imgur Brand 3.0 Redesign

Imgur has went through a few minor redesigns over the past 3 years, but this one is by far the biggest. By focusing on the tag line "Discover the magic of the Internet", we began launching Brand 3.0 in December of 2017. My role in this began early on, creating mood boards and visual explorations to share with the Brand Team. More recently, I have been translating the new brand into areas of the app where it can easily be applied, like the launch screen and registration flow.